How It Works

Here’s how it works

When you inquire about our services, one of our trained customer service representatives will check the availability in your area. From that point, we will have a sales engineer make a site visit to ensure you will not find any disruptions with your service. This sales engineer will look for large objects in the area that may interfere with your service, so that we can work around those problems and provide you with the reliable service you deserve. After we inspect the site, you can decide on the package option and an engineer will install your system.

If there is ever a disruption of service, chances are Emerald Harbor Communications will be contacting you to inform you of the disruption. Our network management system allows us to monitor the system closely and see when there is an outage, so that we can inform you and get to work on a solution as quickly as possible.

For widespread outages due to unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters such as hurricanes, our network operations center has an abundance of connections that allow us to actively manage our network. Emerald Harbor  Communications has a plan in place for an emergency response team to stay behind as long as it is safe for them to do so. For these widespread outages, email notifications will be sent to keep our customers informed.

As your local internet provider, Emerald Harbor Communications intends to create strong relationship with customers because each customer deserves great and reliable service at an affordable price.